Company profile

The Company was founded in 1953 by Mr. Wolfgang Michael Bloss, as a Private Company. After his demise in 1977, the firm was taken over by his sons. The Company’s policy is to address the ophthalmic and optometric markets with innovative, high quality products, providing full sales and after-sales service with a strong, self-suficient Technical Department. Distributions are handled on an exclusive basis. BLOSS GROUP has no manufacturing activities. The Company has introduced the following technologies, establishing itself as the indisputed technology leader in the Spanish ophthalmic market:
  • • Introduction of the first orthopic and pleoptic instruments.
  • • Introduction of the first autorefractometer to the ophthalmic and optometric markets.
  • • Introduction of the first Argon laser for ophthalmology.
  • • Introduction of the first Nd:Yag laser for ophthalmology.
  • • Introduction of the first Excimer laser for ophthalmology.
  • • Introduction of Computerized Perimetry.
  • • Introduction of Computerized Corneal Topography.
  • • Introduction of Scanning Laser Technologies.
  • • Introduction of the Holmium laser for Glaucoma and Refractive Surgery.
  • • Introduction of frequency doubled, diode pumped Nd:Yag laser for ophthalmic applications.
  • • Introduction of hightly sophisticated accommodating and refractive IOLs and techniques.
Due to the constant orders that Spanish National Health Hospitals are placing, the Company is fully familiar with medical regulatory affairs and with registration of medical devices near the Authorities. Sales forecasts are supported by carefully studied promotional campaigns. A twelve force of highly trained salesmen and subdistributors, supported by specialised Product Managers, is responsible for the capital Equipment Line and Instrument, Disposable and Implant line sale. Specialized Product Managers promote equipment and disposable products for ophthalmic and other surgical applications. The Company offers frequent courses, wetlabs and one-on-one trainings to its customers to teach and promote innovative techniques and products. The Products that the Company currently market are:
  • • Instruments, Disposable and Implant products.
  • • Laser systems for different applications in ophthalmology.
  • • Refractometers and Fundus Cameras.
  • • Computerized Corneal Topography instruments.
  • • Slit Lamps.
  • • Ophthalmometers.
  • • Corneal Topography Analisys Systems.
  • • Biometer instruments.
  • • Refractions units and related instruments.
  • • Surgical Microscopes.
  • • Ophthalmic Scanning Lasers systems.
Teléfono: + (34) 93 303 65 65
Fax: + (34) 93 308 49 50
Concilio de Trento, 37-39
08018 Barcelona (Spain)